“You don’t see the world as it is, but as you are” rightly says the magnet attached to my fridge door. The world takes shape according to our perception and the same goes for our perspective towards your business competitors. We could take them as threat and waste our precious energy fretting over them or be inspired by their success and incorporate their methods into our own business style.


They say No idea is original as everything stems from something else. The only way to hit the right chord is to realise the subtle difference between imitating and being inspired. New Year should always start with something fresh and new in life. So this January, you could observe and learn how your competitor is taking advantage of outsourcing.


Business Expansion
Outsourcing helps in expanding your business. You might take pride over your focused skills but somewhere along the line it’s making you limited as well. You cannot indulge in larger scale projects as you don’t have the resources to meet the needs. So you end up letting go of lucrative offers and limiting your growth. On the other hand, with diverse global outsourcing options available, you could always take up large scale projects without the hassle of maintaining a permanent big team. It creates a flexible business atmosphere which would boast your business without getting on nerves with management issues.


Offer the best price
Outsourcing helps in cutting down the cost of the project. Lets say you outsource 40% of the total project. In rough numbers it will bring down the total price with 20%. If your competitors are already using outsourcing in their delivery setup, how will you compete on price? Will your client pay a premium for local only services or will they expect that their provider can give them the benefit of global pricing?


Diverse portfolio of services
It is a one stop world. Everyone wants to save time and effort by stopping by at a single stop for diverse services. Modern business is all about convenience and availability. You have to engage your client by offering more and more diverse services or they would drift away looking for it.


Lets say your have a good client relationship where you have delivered ERP services. Now your client need a mobile solution. Will you leave money at the table and let a competitor grap it? Or will you use your strong project management skills and client know how to deliver the mobile project with the help of your outsourcing technology partner? Outsourcing would actually strengthen your portfolio and create a sense of convenience for the client.


Take Risks
Once you are successful in controlling the cost and delivery then taking risk would come more naturally. You would be more willing to venture out of your comfort zone and try things you have not dared to before. Taking new initiatives would bring fresh energy into your business. Instead of saying no to projects due to lack of capacity or technology knowhow you will become more opportunistic in taking on new projects and clients.


Make 2015 the year of change and progress for your business by incorporating outsourcing into it. You don’t have to remain restricted and confined anymore. Don’t let your competitor take away all the business while you pretend to be complacent and “exclusive”. Take the plunge first and grab your share of business. This year, the lack of resources won’t hamper your growth as you have secretly learnt to work without boundaries.