You are mistaken if you thought Twitter was a loud, noisy, public cooler room with all kinds of trivia piling in from random strangers.


There are TV sitcoms that have defined an extended audience on Twitter. Celebrities chat with fans, businesses render support, and individuals make their voice heard. Twitter is great for bits and pieces of information floating in all day long.


You get to hobnob with awesome people you’d have otherwise struggled to meet. You have the privilege of starting conversations with companies, influencers, bloggers, journalists, writers, business owners, venture capitalists, and many others.


You are just a tweet away from doing magic. So, just like there are tweets on everything under the sun, our favorite MS CRM gets a lot of traction on Twitter.


As such, here are at least 6 cool Twitter handles you should follow whether you are an MS CRM user, enthusiast, or a business.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM [@MSDynamicsCRM]
Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Official Account): The mother of all things Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We point this out not just because Microsoft makes MS CRM but also because this Twitter handle is the source of many things to do with CRM. You’ll get the best of MS CRM implementation, strategy, customer management, technology, insights, inspiration, and more.


While you are at it, make sure you mark the hashtags #MSDynamics #MSDynCRM #MSDynERP #MSDynComm and also follow @MSFTDynamics


Paul Greenberg [@pgreenbe]
Paul Greenberg is a CRM and SCRM author, a consultant, a speaker, and a major CRM influencer. He is an active Twitter user tweeting on all things CRM, Microsoft, summits, CRM conferences, and on #CRMWatchlist. Active, insightful and conversational, Paul is a must have on your influencer list.


PowerObjects [@joecrm]
PowerObjects is one of the leading MS CRM partners in the world and works hard to stay that way. They are die-hard fans of Microsoft CRM and they actually make a living doing what they love doing.


The best part about their tweets is that you’d get tight little bytes of hard to find information, 140 characters at a time. 


James Town Send [@jamestownsend]
James is the president of – a Microsoft Gold partner and a leading MS CRM implementation and strategy specialist company. He is a leading expert on Microsoft solutions specially focused for governments and major enterprises.


Having published books and articles on the subject, he makes for a “must-have” inclusion on this list for software development, MS CRM, and #dynamics.


Vanessa Hunt [@Trainer_CRM]
Vanessa is a force to reckon with. She is creative, inspirational and devours art, and she is also a quad-lingual marketing and CRM consultant. She is an interesting person to follow because unlike all others on this list who technically inclined, she is marketing inclined.


Her perspective comes from a marketing and real customer management point of view – something that CRM was originally built for.


CRM Updates [@crmupdates]
Sometimes, we need more than just about MS CRM. To get a better understanding of the market we are in, we need an aerial, bird view of the CRM industry. That’s what CRM Updates does. Bringing in the best of CRM news, tips, and information, CRM updates always keeps you informed of what’s going in the much broader and hyper competitive CRM industry.


Who do you follow for #MSCRM? Did we miss out on anyone worth mentioning? Please do let us know.