When Clients Come Down From The Skies

When Clients Come Down From The Skies

It’s one thing to serve our clients with our distributed or on-demand services; but it’s completely something else when we get up, close, and personal with our clients.


In fact, it’s an absolute thrill to see them in person, to hear them speak, to mingle with our staff, and to provide insights or feedback – the of stuff you’d never get to know otherwise.


When you meet people in person, there’s a sense of purpose, reality, and a chance to evaluate your clients’ needs as it were – and not perceived, imagined, or just assumed.


Recently, we had the chance to have a chat with a few of our long-term clients who traveled to visit our development center in Mumbai and we were blown away at the prospect of interacting with them. It’s another thing that we managed to gain insights, feedback, and also shoot a few videos.



Lars Frandsen, Chief Operating Officer at Nordic Computers, recently shared his thoughts on Mission Mumbai — our flagship program where we invite our clients, potential customers, vendors, contractors, and other associates to Mumbai where our development center is located.


We did an entire case study on Nordic Computers on how the company struggled to get CRM consultants, technical leads and others to help Nordic support its own clients with MS Dynamics CRM support. We supported the company for a long time on Dynamics CRM support & development projects.



Lars was invited to come visit India and rub shoulders with our development staff in Mumbai, India. We were thrilled with his visit, of course.


His reason for visiting Mission Mumbai, in his own words:

“It was a great chance to visit the very resources we use on a daily basis. It’s a great chance to get acquainted with Kalpavrush and dig up ways to further use these resources to further our business”


With Mission Mumbai, he expected to get more insights on what Kalpavruksh can offer and see how it’d all fit with Nordic’s solutions that the company wants to get to market wit, and to leverage the strengths of Kalpavruksh or how it can support.


Lars stated that he had some productive meetings while he was in Mumbai. What stood out for him was this:

“… a strong foundation of technical expertise as well as a keen understanding of business sense. I recommend Mission Mumbai because you need to get out and meet your vendors, consultants, or suppliers to see how our business can dig deep into the resources you use already”


Needless to say, our entire team was all kicked up and firing away at the opportunity to meet Lars who took the trouble to fly across half the world just to meet them.



We are thankful to Lars for having to take the trouble to meet us, and we can’t deny the incredible effect it has on the entire team at Kalpavruksh.


Lars, you made our day at for everyone at Kalpavruksh. You know how much we adore and respect our relationship.


On behalf of the entire team, a big wave of thanks is in.

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Mangal Pawar is the Head of Customer Engagement & Delivery for US at Kalpavruksh. He has extensively worked with clients in establishing and growing their outsourced setups, and ensuring that the setups become effective & productive for their businesses. Having worked with companies like eConnect India and Infosys — the much celebrated Indian MNC that worked its way to the NASDAQ — Mangal’s rich experience in customer engagement and delivery isn’t an accident. It’s been worked to the bone and chiselled to finesse…! He is currently responsible for engaging with and facilitating growth of our US customers, by leveraging our unique & innovative engagement model.

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Trond Skundberg is a digital advisor specializing in India outsourcing and conceptualization for digital entrepreneurs. Trond is visionary and execution specialist, rolled into one. He is the board member of the Norway India Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the CEO of Skundberg Limited. He’s been on the board for many other companies such as Devant Digital Media, Zett Interactive, and blogs at MyFantastic India . Trond is a big-picture visionary, a serial entrepreneur, and a passionate enthusiast on technology.

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Neils Ahlmann-Ohlsen has been on continuous love affair with India ever since he started a production company in Pune circa 1978. He worked as a consultant for the former Daimler Chrysler Aerospace AG, Noxitest AG, and B & W Energy A/S since the year 2005. Neils also worked in the capacity of a European Director of PCS Technology Ltd, the company co-founders of Kalpavruksh Technologies were associated with. Neils, however, has more to him than just work. He is best known in Denmark for his political work with 17 years as a conservative MP. Neils is also the chairman of the Indian forum in Denmark and also for the board of Lotek A/S.



Martin Dommerby is the Managing Director of Kalpavruksh Technologies, and a sales person at heart. Having worked (and continues to) as a board member on many innovative and technology companies, he is the harbinger of hope where business meets technology. Martin is a believer in the human cloud. While he is the epitome of success himself, his vision for a free, open, and borderless world where work is just a click away drives him to be a staunch advocate of outsourcing. As an able manager, he brings the best people have to offer to the advantage of his company’s global clientele.

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Michael Friang Jensen is our Digital Project Manager at Kalpavruksh in Denmark. Specializing in technology and business, digital concepts, Michael is adept at handling strategic business applications of commerce, marketing, and project management. Michael bring concepts to digital format, manage projects efficiently, deal with a global workforce of distributed talent, and has his pulse on the ever-changing opportunities in digital media.

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