Founder House: Our New Address in Copenhagen

Founder House: Our New Address in Copenhagen

The Danish startup scene is getting more exciting by the day, and you’d only have to look at a few success stories such as that of Just Eat, Vivino and TrustPilot.


According to Suzanne Bearne of The Guardian

The Danish startup scene, which has a focus on business-to-business enterprise, is certainly attracting the attention of investors. In 2015, The Nordic Web tracked 65 investments worth $273.5m (£192.2m) in Danish startups – up from 38 in 2014.

Edmund Ingham of Forbes writes:

“The Nordic States have already raised more than $1bn of VC funding for startups this year and are on course to  make it $2bn by the end of the year . More than 200 investments have been made, and the final figure could be close to 280 if current growth trends continue, a 113% increase on the previous year.”

You can’t miss this kind of action, can you?


We, at Kalpavruksh, always believed in moving fast. Being a technology company, we are often forced to change, anyway. We didn’t want to be unapproachable and sit behind glass walls. We wanted to reach out, to connect, and to make a difference.


So, we moved.


Now, moving locations is of two kinds – the kind of moving you do when you can’t have enough of one place and you look forward to the new place and then the kind of moving that you are very excited about.

Our move is of the second kind. We shifted our office from our previous Copenhagen location to the Founder House.

The reason we did that is because we wanted to engage – knees deep – with the thriving startup community and help build relationships, help provide support to startups while they try to scale up their businesses.


Founder House is a shared workspace community for select ambitions and scalable startups. At the time of this writing, they already house some 100+ startups ever since they started they opened the first tech space in Copenhagen, Circa 2011.


Founder House provides for affordable housing for developers, designers, and tech entrepreneurs. It’s more than just a place to live though – it’s a tight-knit community of ambitious, hustling, and resourceful entrepreneurs and innovators who work together to start awesome businesses.


Those who aren’t entrepreneurs get better jobs, rub shoulders with a thriving bunch of entrepreneurs, or just get to learn about new and exciting businesses or technological strides.


Most of these startups have quickly grown bigger or were acquired by larger businesses.


Founders House is also a vibrant community of entrepreneurs that hosts events featuring entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, and others quickly growing to be an exemplary innovation hub where technology meets business, and then flourishes.


Our spanking new Founder house location is run and managed by Vipul Makasare – a result-oriented sales & marketing veteran with more than 12+ years of experience in International sales and marketing specializing in IT and related services.


Vipul is a hunter but also doubles up with the “farming” mindset – a skill that blends today’s profit-seeking rush with tomorrow’s potential to deliver. Vipul specializes in new business development, market penetration, large account management, mergers, acquisitions, and a lot more.


Vipul, in short, is the right man to manage operations at Founder House bringing Kalpavuksh’s vast expertise in human resources, technology, and related services to the hungry crowd that needs it.


We are excited about moving location to the Founder House and we look forward to making a difference to a thriving startup community with innovators, technology enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs in tow.


Hoping to provide the best of what we can do a community that wants to make a difference to the rest of the world, we couldn’t have asked for more.

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Mangal Pawar is the Head of Customer Engagement & Delivery for US at Kalpavruksh. He has extensively worked with clients in establishing and growing their outsourced setups, and ensuring that the setups become effective & productive for their businesses. Having worked with companies like eConnect India and Infosys — the much celebrated Indian MNC that worked its way to the NASDAQ — Mangal’s rich experience in customer engagement and delivery isn’t an accident. It’s been worked to the bone and chiselled to finesse…! He is currently responsible for engaging with and facilitating growth of our US customers, by leveraging our unique & innovative engagement model.

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Trond Skundberg is a digital advisor specializing in India outsourcing and conceptualization for digital entrepreneurs. Trond is visionary and execution specialist, rolled into one. He is the board member of the Norway India Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the CEO of Skundberg Limited. He’s been on the board for many other companies such as Devant Digital Media, Zett Interactive, and blogs at MyFantastic India . Trond is a big-picture visionary, a serial entrepreneur, and a passionate enthusiast on technology.

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Neils Ahlmann-Ohlsen has been on continuous love affair with India ever since he started a production company in Pune circa 1978. He worked as a consultant for the former Daimler Chrysler Aerospace AG, Noxitest AG, and B & W Energy A/S since the year 2005. Neils also worked in the capacity of a European Director of PCS Technology Ltd, the company co-founders of Kalpavruksh Technologies were associated with. Neils, however, has more to him than just work. He is best known in Denmark for his political work with 17 years as a conservative MP. Neils is also the chairman of the Indian forum in Denmark and also for the board of Lotek A/S.



Martin Dommerby is the Managing Director of Kalpavruksh Technologies, and a sales person at heart. Having worked (and continues to) as a board member on many innovative and technology companies, he is the harbinger of hope where business meets technology. Martin is a believer in the human cloud. While he is the epitome of success himself, his vision for a free, open, and borderless world where work is just a click away drives him to be a staunch advocate of outsourcing. As an able manager, he brings the best people have to offer to the advantage of his company’s global clientele.

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Michael Friang Jensen is our Digital Project Manager at Kalpavruksh in Denmark. Specializing in technology and business, digital concepts, Michael is adept at handling strategic business applications of commerce, marketing, and project management. Michael bring concepts to digital format, manage projects efficiently, deal with a global workforce of distributed talent, and has his pulse on the ever-changing opportunities in digital media.

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