Our vision is to be MS CRM partners pro center for implementing, staging, testing, and applying Microsoft Dynamics CRM – including ongoing support, development, and debugging so that our clients can focus on running their company and we’d do what we are good at.


We need well-training professionals to back up that vision. Our team of developers and CRM specialists make up for the cream of our organization.


We’d like to introduce you to one such stalwart CRM specialist.


What do you think happens when you roll up your sleeves and dig your hands into technology, for as long as years on end?
You develop expertise, that’s what.


You become so good at it that you’d probably be able to rip apart software and put it all back together again, and maybe render a much better version than the original one.


Dedicated IT professionals are in demand today not because of their “knowledge” in technology. The demand is really for the attitude, the willingness to go that extra mile, and all that expertise built over particular platforms with potent utility for clients globally.


With more than 4 years spent on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Anil Kumar Pasem is one of those professionals who went lost into the intricacies of the enterprise-class, popular CRM solution.


Anil is currently located in India and has mopped up 4.6 years on Microsoft CRM technical environment along with mastery in other IT technologies such as C#, .NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, and SQL.


Anil doesn’t just believe in putting his hands into technology for the sheer fun of it. He does it for results. 


Having worked with companies such as AlfaPeople, Essar Group, and Manjeera Group as a technical consultant, he went deep into installation, configuration, customization, developing plugins, designing workflows, customer requirement mapping, building client-side expectations, and more.


He is also experienced at application testing, interaction testing, developing workflows and diagrams, building processes, enhancing projects, fixing issues, and customer support.


Bring all that he has in terms of knowledge and expertise with his exceptional communication skills, interpersonal skills when it comes to managing clients, and his long-term expertise in solving problems, and you have a winner.


Anil is a one-to-many client person and his contribution to the team doesn’t go unnoticed.


We’d like to recognize him as our trusted CRM specialist and we love the fact that he chose to render his services to our organization.


It’s another thing that it’s a matter of envy that he gets to work with clients worldwide while he enjoys his stay in India – that marvelous land of enhancing culture, music, food, and a history you can’t even begin to put your finger on.