Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Improve within the cloud

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Improve within the cloud

Cloud services: It Gets Better with New Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s latest release has a slew of new features in the lines of their “cloud first” trend, and some of them include nifty features like Hybrid Server Side Sync, customer surveys, an Interactive Service Hub, Field One Skye, OneDrive, and more.


With more and more enterprises moving to the private or public cloud (or even Hybrid cloud), Microsoft is only moving with the times to help businesses cope with the steady but sure movement to the cloud.

Some of the Important Cloud services are as below:


Cross- and up-selling with Azure Machine Learning

The integration with Azure Machine Learning Sales provides a great addition to CRM: intelligent product suggestions for up-selling and cross-selling. This way Sales agents can always offer the most relevant products to their customers.



Surveys for customer feedback

Dynamics CRM has acquired the product ‘Mojo Surveys’ from Fusion Software. It now has plenty of scope for streamlined and efficient customer feedback processes in CRM 2016. If you have an Azure license, you can quickly set up customer surveys for computer, tablet and mobile. The results of the survey can be set to trigger automated follow-up actions.

Other features include new survey tools – with questionnaires and feedback forms – that businesses can use to distribute them to collect opinions, feedback, ratings, views, or even gather lead data. Equipped with a new designer, surveys design now includes buttons, tick boxes, smiley faces across various survey types.


Interactive Service Hub

The new CRM 2016 release has a new browser-based app that’s a dream come true for customer service teams.

It features new interactive dashboards that combine CRM data views, Case views for customer support, and interactive charts with sales data display. You also have access to guided case management.


FieldOne Sky

It’s not enough to just have customers’ information or business information on tap; there’s also a need for interacting with the data, inputting new data on the go, and also to keep data current.

Microsoft now brought in its FieldOne service and integrated it right into Microsoft CRM 2016. FieldOne helps businesses improve service delivery by letting field personnel schedule work orders.

Combined with the CRM capabilities of Dynamics CRM, FieldOne enhances utility by providing for a way to schedule services, optimizing work orders, and better deployment and management of field staff.


Delve Integration

Delve is a new Office tool from Microsoft that helps company users to search and discover documents across a company’s database.

Delve uses machine learning to connect people and provide them with a contextual way to connect with material that most matters to them. Machine learning helps connect the right people with documents or material that’s most relevant to them and since it’s from Microsoft, Delve also includes documents stored on SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.

Delve is available for CRM online use only (and not On-Premise).


Which of the cloud services that now come with Microsoft Dynamics CRM are your favorites? Tell us all about it.

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