New D365 CRM Specialist Deepa Lodhi on projects, expectations and hobbies

New D365 CRM Specialist Deepa Lodhi on projects, expectations and hobbies

We sat down with one of the newest members of our team, Deepa Lodhi, who joins Kalpavruksh Technologies as a Senior D365 Customer Engagement (CRM) Developer.

Question: Tell us a bit about your career so far and how it led you to Kalpavruksh?

Answer: After completing a degree in Computer Science, I started my career as consultant where I got trained on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP. Thereafter, I was given the role of planning and managing software upgrade projects for all our partner companies. The idea of helping stakeholders in driving their business through the use of CRM & ERP sparked my interest in this field.

I have IT industry experience of over 6 years working on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP with exposure in design, analysis, development and deployment of internet/intranet, client-server applications. Responsible for providing functional and technical direction, design and development of Applications, Components, Integrations, etc.. Worked on multiple client facing roles with International customers.

In my 6 years of career I have worked across different industries (Manufacturing, service sector, Marketing, Pharma , customer care, etc), experienced their core-processes, their pain points and used CRM / ERP to cater to their clients and growth needs. The one important thing that I learned in my career is that Client should get benefited by our Service and that client Delight is a must!

Question: What will your new role involve and what are you most looking forward to?

Answer: My role involves working with a variety of stakeholders, including consultants and development teams to work on a project from start to finish and also provide best support to the existing clients. I’m excited to be working on business-critical projects mainly focused on Field Service where I have completed a Certification from Microsoft (MB-240 and MB-200).

My Interest lies more into Field Service as it allows you envision the big picture, and extend into being able to better inform customers of Field Agents arrival times, work durations and nature of the work to be performed. Technicians, equipment and follow-up actions can be scheduled scientifically and very efficiently using Microsoft Dynamics Field Service. Customer satisfaction goes up, and your planning department gets breathing room thanks to the high-level overview of operations that they continually get. Improvement in Service Quality and increased Goodwill of Clients – both benefits, which a Consultant always aspires for in her job…

Question: Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Answer: Fun loving bubbly girl but a bit emotional as well.

Loves to play sports mainly Cricket & other outdoor games, as also indoor games like poker and chess that need you to think & plan-ahead.

Hobbies I follow passionately are dancing, painting and cooking.

Love spending time with my loved ones.

Travelled lots of places like Bali, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and would like to travel more..

Try to do best in every role (as Daughter, Sister , Wife, Daughter-in-law and Employee)

A little too talkative by nature and love to give honest suggestions to my loved ones in their times of need – something that makes them jokingly call me “Gurumaiya” as in someone who Preaches a lot. 🙂

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Mangal Pawar is the Head of Customer Engagement & Delivery for US at Kalpavruksh. He has extensively worked with clients in establishing and growing their outsourced setups, and ensuring that the setups become effective & productive for their businesses. Having worked with companies like eConnect India and Infosys — the much celebrated Indian MNC that worked its way to the NASDAQ — Mangal’s rich experience in customer engagement and delivery isn’t an accident. It’s been worked to the bone and chiselled to finesse…! He is currently responsible for engaging with and facilitating growth of our US customers, by leveraging our unique & innovative engagement model.

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Trond Skundberg is a digital advisor specializing in India outsourcing and conceptualization for digital entrepreneurs. Trond is visionary and execution specialist, rolled into one. He is the board member of the Norway India Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the CEO of Skundberg Limited. He’s been on the board for many other companies such as Devant Digital Media, Zett Interactive, and blogs at MyFantastic India . Trond is a big-picture visionary, a serial entrepreneur, and a passionate enthusiast on technology.

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Neils Ahlmann-Ohlsen has been on continuous love affair with India ever since he started a production company in Pune circa 1978. He worked as a consultant for the former Daimler Chrysler Aerospace AG, Noxitest AG, and B & W Energy A/S since the year 2005. Neils also worked in the capacity of a European Director of PCS Technology Ltd, the company co-founders of Kalpavruksh Technologies were associated with. Neils, however, has more to him than just work. He is best known in Denmark for his political work with 17 years as a conservative MP. Neils is also the chairman of the Indian forum in Denmark and also for the board of Lotek A/S.



Martin Dommerby is the Managing Director of Kalpavruksh Technologies, and a sales person at heart. Having worked (and continues to) as a board member on many innovative and technology companies, he is the harbinger of hope where business meets technology. Martin is a believer in the human cloud. While he is the epitome of success himself, his vision for a free, open, and borderless world where work is just a click away drives him to be a staunch advocate of outsourcing. As an able manager, he brings the best people have to offer to the advantage of his company’s global clientele.

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Michael Friang Jensen is our Digital Project Manager at Kalpavruksh in Denmark. Specializing in technology and business, digital concepts, Michael is adept at handling strategic business applications of commerce, marketing, and project management. Michael bring concepts to digital format, manage projects efficiently, deal with a global workforce of distributed talent, and has his pulse on the ever-changing opportunities in digital media.

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