As your business grows, you have more clients to manage. It’s imperative that scaling, growth, adding resources, and adding to existing support infrastructure will all come calling.


For growing businesses, it’s a strain on business profitability and optimization of resources. Plus, there’s no guarantee that all scaling and addition of new resources would fit in perfectly with your business strategy.


Often, one of the most common problems associated with fast-growing businesses is to find the right talent and retain that talent.


Businesses often have problems trying to balance existing resources with new projects, new product launches, and new initiatives.


It doesn’t have to be that way, at least for consulting centric businesses with a need for high-end developers and global support.


As your solution suite gets more complex and business gets critical, you are not sure of your workload. Yet, execution of projects runs on deadlines. When you win big projects, you want flexibility but also certainty.


We, at Kalpavruksh, we wedge in for clients who need continued support for existing projects and tasks while incumbent and skilled staff can be deployed where it really matters. 


We give:


  • Completeness and capability to deliver Service Level Agreements.
  • Built-in mechanisms to scale up or down according to your workload.
  • Complete workflow and processes for you so that you can start, by the book so to speak.
  • A 100% transparency on every project delivery.
  • Ready-to-go teams you can use for product development, for support, or interchange them between functions as you please.


We also provide offshore support implementation as follows:


Tapping into our ever-increasing asset base of developers, support champions, and technical know-how, clients can:


  • Use own resources for new projects and initiatives instead of supporting existing projects.
  • Offer more professional and organized setup to their respective clients since our backend (white label) support isn’t dependent on a single person (as in a freelance developer or support ninja). This leads to better and faster response times, super-fast resolution of issues, and team-based problem resolution.
  • Obviate the need to use their best talent for mundane support tasks. Instead, clients can use their best skilled talent for critical deployments, software development, new product planning and launches, etc.


It’s time for you to focus on speed, rapid scaling, and to get ready to take on more projects than you usually do. Better optimization of resources is a challenge and we are here to help.