CIO might sound like someone who is just responsible for handling all the information and the insurmountable clutter of data but I discovered that it is far more than that. I came to know a few weird yet revealing facts about CIO from my collection of 156 CIO infographics on Pinterest and would like to share.


Breaking the BYOD myth:
Unlike the popular belief of CIOs being the BYOD crusader, they are now BYOD enablers. Yes, CIOs have understood and adopted the shifts in the corporate world and How Bring Your Own Device would assist the company not in cost control but tremendously in productivity. It creates a sense of productivity and satisfaction in employees. The focus should be on data management rather than device.


Operational CIO versus Strategic CIO:
Operational CIO and Strategic CIO are two entirely different species. Operational CIO is responsible for the internal complex mechanism while strategic CIO is more engaged with consumers’ interaction. I found the strategic CIO more inspiring with all the responsibility and freedom towards innovation and change.


Big Data is Not a turn off:
Big Data does not put off CIOs, Big Data is not a turn off. A recent survey revealed that CIOs actually like Big Data as it provides them with the ability to collect more data ie volume, secondly it brings with it variety ie the ability to collect and control diverse data and thirdly it enables them with velocity ie the power to analyse data quickly.


CIOs love Wireless Networks:
Despite Higher costs and security concerns of wireless networks, CIOs happen to love wireless Networks.


Innovation not just information:
The evolution of CIOs have resulted in complete transformation of their role. They have more complex and taxing duties to fulfil. It is no more just about information but innovation.


For more CIO fun facts visit Pinterest for the full collection of 156 CIO infographics: